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Kane is using a Bullet Club parody in his campaign for Mayor

Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor campaign

Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor campaign

The Big Red Machine might be back on WWE television. But Kane's return to WWE is going to be a short endeavor. After all, he still hasn't given up hopes of running for Mayor of Knox County Tennessee.

While Kane's on the campaign trail it's essential to get his name out there and collect some funds in the process. T-shirts are a great way to get both of those things accomplished but in the meantime, Kane is still going to keep destroying people on Raw while looking mighty good in the process.

Kane recently revealed two t-shirt designs for his upcoming Mayoral run. One design is very familiar to WWE fans as it resembles the old-school Monday Night Raw logo but the other one is an entirely different story.

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At this time in pro wrestling history, Vince McMahon isn't the biggest fan of The Bullet Club. However, that won't stop Kane from putting out a Bullet Club-inspired t-shirt to promote his campaign. It's a pretty smart move and it would be very interesting to know which one of those shirts he sells more of. If Hot Topic sales are any indication of things he might want to keep a few more of those BC-inspired pieces of merch around than the Raw ones, just saying.

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