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Kane reflects on being determined to make Fake Diesel character work

Kane is one of the most well respected WWE Superstars in the history of the company and has had a great career. Before 1997 when he was introduced as the character that is beloved today, WWE had different ideas for him such as Isaac Yankem and Fake Diesel.

During an interview on X-Pac’s podcast, “X-Pac 12360,” Kane reflected on portraying Fake Diesel in September 1996 which was part of a storyline mocking the departure of Kevin Nash after the former WWE Champion had signed with WCW.

This was when Kane noted that although the idea of the character sounded good, it just didn’t take off like he wanted it to do. In his mind, he thinks part of the reason for his previous characters not working was due to him still being green to the business and finding his style.

“Conceptually [fake Diesel]sounded pretty cool, but it just didn’t take off that way, and I don’t think the audience really ever got behind it,” stated Jacobs. “But again, for me, it got me more experience, and I was determined to make that succeed. As for the Isaac Yankem character, it didn’t succeed the way I wanted it too. It was due to me, [as]with the fake Diesel character, it was the fact that it was never meant to be. But I felt I had done my part to make it as successful as I could have made it.”

“It wasn’t me, and I couldn’t make it work plus I was still pretty green at that point. I was still trying to figure out my way around through this whole thing. And here I was in WWE… and I am in the ring with these guys that I’ve watched on TV… You know, ‘ Oh gosh what am I supposed to do?’ And you can’t have that attitude, I mean you have to have the attitude of ‘I belong here,’ and I didn’t have it at that point. It was certainly not my favorite character, but now they’ve made a wrestling action figure out of it, so I have to like it [laughs].”

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