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Kane responds to critical fan knocking him for taking chair shots to the head during wrestling career

Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, is the Mayor of Knox County in Tennessee and has taken a big step back from WWE.

A fan knocked him for being the Mayor after taking chair shots to the head during his pro wrestling career. It happened when the official Knox County Government sent out a tweet with his statement regarding nearly 1,000 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine going missing.

A fan responded (tweet now deleted) by writing, “Maybe don’t have a guy who used to get hit in the head with a steel chair on the regular as your mayor?”

Kane reacted to the fan by bringing up how WWE banned steel chair shots to the head several years back.

“WWE banned chair blows to the head years ago so good job staying on top of your material! Nevertheless, I do love a good game of childish insults so please continue with your derisive invective. But nothing too verbose or sesquipedalian. My language skills are obviously shot.”

WWE banned chair shots to the head back in 2010. Just like all wrestlers before the banning, he took many brutal chair shots to the head.

Kane made a surprise appearance in the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match and donated his earnings to the Knox County Mayor’s Applied Technology Scholarship Fund for TCAT Knoxville (Tennessee College of Applied Technology Knoxville).

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