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Karrion Kross is still pushing to wrestle John Cena

karrion kross john cena

Last month, Karrion Kross responded to some fans on Twitter by noting that he would like to wrestle John Cena and do it in Cena’s retirement match. The former WWE Champion then shared a photo of Kross on Instagram.

The NXT Champion did a new interview with BT Sports and during it, he talked about the match once again.

“I have a few, but to narrow it down to one, I think John Cena would probably be the match that I would most likely be interested in for the immediate future. Everybody has already called out The Rock. Everyone already called out Brock Lesnar and everyone has exercised interest in seeing Scarlett and me versus The Fiend and Alexa Bliss.

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I think having the opportunity to work with John Cena on a really big stage, hopefully with people, would be awesome, and I think it’s two different generations meet. I attribute a lot of my modern-day inspiration to his generation. I’ve never met him before, but it’s very easy to see, very easy to tell he’s one of the hardest working people like ever in this industry. He’s the reason why a lot of us have a job today. Personally, it would just be an honor to work with him. So I don’t know, I’m being honest,

I don’t know what it would be in it for him because I am only who I am and he’s John Cena. But maybe one day when the time is right and people feel that I have some higher equity in what they’re watching. If the company sees value in it, it would be awesome.”

Kross stated that he’s humble about who he is and he’s not trying to ride the coattails of Cena, but he just thinks it would be an awesome match.

You can watch the entire clip by clicking on the player below: