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Keith Lee comments on WWE NXT competing with AEW Dynamite



Keith Lee is the latest WWE star to comment on the competition that has been touted as the Wednesday Night War between WWE NXT and AEW.

The newly crowned NXT Champion gave his take about the battle in an interview with TalkSport.

Of course, the two shows go head-to-head as NXT airs on the USA Network and Dynamite on TNT on the same night and time slot.

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It’s been well known that the decision was made by WWE to move NXT off the WWE Network to counter-program AEW.

According to Lee, he doesn’t think about it much as he’s focused on himself but does believe that competition is good for everybody.

“Honestly? I don’t even really think about that. It’s nice to have competition in general, but I’m always competing with myself. So it isn’t really about anyone else. It’s for Keith Lee to go out and do the best that Keith Lee can and if Keith Lee did good, how much better can Keith Lee do the next time? That’s literally my own mantra. There’s always competing with yourself. I love competition, but 99.9 percent it’s against myself. I do believe competition is good for everybody, but for me specifically, it’s good for myself [laughs].”

Lee also talked about his WWE NXT Championship win getting spoiled on social media, which you can read about here.