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Keith Lee cut a heelish promo after WWE Raw went off the air

As previously noted Keith “Bearcat” Lee made his return to WWE Monday Night Raw and he squashed Akira Tozawa.

It was not made clear on the show that Lee is a heel but during the post-show promo on Raw Talk, it was strongly hinted that he is now on the heel side of the roster.

As seen in the video below, Lee said “no” when asked if he could talk about what he did to Tozawa on Raw. When asked where his head is at for the WWE Draft, he said it doesn’t matter who is across the ring from either brand and they will realize that “the mission is the same, the person they thought they knew is ever so slightly different.”

Lee’s heel turn had been in the works for a while. Before Adam Cole signed with AEW, there was talk of having Cole manage Lee in a role similar to what Lio Rush was doing with Bobby Lashley. Cole confirmed last week that he had heard that there was talk of changing his name.

Check out Lee’s Raw Talk promo below.

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