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Keith Lee talks about his WWE NXT Championship win getting spoiled on social media



Keith Lee was able to score the biggest win to date in his pro wrestling career. However, due to one NXT star, his big night was spoiled days before the match had aired on the USA Network.

Lee beat NXT Champion Adam Cole in a Winner Takes All Match this past Wednesday on NXT, which was the second week of The Great American Bash.

The outcome of the contest was leaked by NXT star Saurav Gurjar, who is part of the tag team Indus Sher, in a photo that he shared on social media.

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Although Lee was asked about the match getting spoiled, he turned his focus to a more broad look at spoilers and things getting leaked in pro wrestling. The newly crowned NXT Champion stated that at the end of the day the only way someone knows what happens is when it airs.

“For those people that think that they’ve unloaded some big mystery or something is one thing, but the only thing that makes me sad in the scenario is how many of them are trying to ruin it for other people, because there is the potential for it.”

Lee continued by stating that some people could be very happy about it and he doesn’t know if leaks changing plans are good for people.

“And then for the people that don’t want that potential spoiler or whatever it may be, it’s not fun for them either. To me, it shows me how uncool some people can be, but at the end of the day, you don’t really know what’s happening until it happens and that’s just the truth of the matter. So if they feel righteous in their activities, then hey, good for them. The people that have to look at that, they aren’t having fun. And I think they should consider them before anybody else in this situation.”

Lee also talked about his big title win, if WWE was aware of his prior matches with Dominik Dijakovic before booking them together, and more. You can read the entire interview here.