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Keith Lee says COVID-19 and heart issues kept him off WWE TV for months



Keith Lee announced on his YouTube channel that he's been off WWE TV due to health issues.

Lee said he contracted COVID-19 in January and that was why he missed TV for 3 weeks. He says he contracted COVID-19 and Mia Yim did not have it at the time but she ended up getting COVID-19 because she insisted on taking care of him. When she tested positive it cost her an opportunity in the Royal Rumble and he is grateful to her.

Lee says he returned on February 8 for a match with Matt Riddle and the next day he got a call about something abnormal with his blood work. Lee said that it turned out that there was an issue with his heart and he was forbidden from training and there was a fear that he could pass away if he put strain on his heart.

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Lee said he had several MRIs done on his heart and it became a "fight against death." He added that WWE sent him to Pittsburgh to see the company doctor and he underwent tests because potentially he could have had a heart disease.

Lee said that the inflammation in his heart eventually went down to normal and he was eventually cleared to try to get back into shape. Lee said that he wasn't sure if he would show up in Dallas for the Raw after Money In The Bank.

Lee said that he doesn't know what is next but he is healthy and that's all he and his family can ask for. Click on the video below to hear the entire explanation on his health issues.