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Keith Lee talks influence of Macho Man Randy Savage on his love of pro wrestling

NXT Superstar Keith Lee recently appeared on the Chasing Glory podcast hosted by Lillian Garcia. The reigning NXT North American Champion would discuss a number of topics on the show, including the early influences on his love for professional wrestling.

Lee would reveal on the show that his grandmother was a huge influence on him, and that she passed away when he was just 12 years old. The man who asks you to ‘Bask In His Glory’ also revealed which former WWE Hall of Famer inspired him when he first began watching the product.

“Well as for the person that really inspired me at a very young age? It was Macho Man” Keith Lee would begin. “It was the charisma, and the strength. Also the versatility that he displayed. Things like coming off the top rope. His entire demeanour was so different, unique, and it’s something that stuck with me pretty heavily.” Keith Lee himself is known for his impressive agility and aerial prowess, especially considering his size. So, it’s easy to see the influence of Macho Man Randy Savage shining through.

Lee would finish by re-iterating just how much of an influence his grandmother was. “But more than that? I think it was her passion and excitement when pro wrestling was happening. The way that she would bounce in her bed or kick her feet or clap her hands or yell at the TV! Any of those things.”

With an appearance in the Royal Rumble event earlier this year and his large stature, it is clear that Keith Lee is being groomed for a major push on the ‘main roster’ at some point in the future. Matches against the likes of Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre and Brock Lesnar were teased earlier this year, with his ‘coming out moment’ arguably being shown during the Rumble match.

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