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Ken Shamrock explains what WWE needs to change or they will eventually be left in the past



Former WWE star/UFC Legend Ken Shamrock spoke with The New York Post about a wide range of topics. 

Shamrock is back in the pro wrestling business. He worked a few shows for independent companies earlier this year before signing with Impact Wrestling. He lost to Moose at Bound for Glory pay-per-view event last month at the Odeum Expo Center just outside Chicago, Ill.

Shamrock has since worked several TV tapings for Impact.

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In this interview, he was asked about the future of pro wrestling. This is where he made his feelings known about how WWE needs to change the exclusivity deal that they make their talent sign. He believes if WWE doesn���t change that then they will be left behind. 

It should be noted that WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world and most profitable. 

“I think companies like Impact are creating an opportunity for people to work, be on TV and at the same time they have freedom to work other places if they want. I think all the other companies, except for WWF [WWE], is doing the same thing. I think if that doesn’t change, WWF [WWE] will be in the past because people, at least in my opinion, the future isn’t about wrestlers being locked into one company. They want to be able to have creative freedom to have an opportunity to wrestle overseas or wrestle other places without somebody telling them they can’t.”