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Ken Shamrock wants to return to WWE, wants a championship match against Brock Lesnar



Hannibal TV has a new interview up with former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock. Shamrock talked about joining the World Wrestling Federation in 1997 after his first UFC run, working with Vader, Bret Hart, the Attitude Era and more.

In the video below, Shamrock talks about his WWE run and how the Montreal Screwjob led to his departure from the company:

His memories of working with The Rock:

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The the next video, Shamrock talks about how he would have fared in an MMA fight against Brock Lesnar:

The 53-year-old feels like there is unfinished business in WWE but the door doesn't seem open for him to return. Shamrock wants to know why WWE is not open to bringing him back. He said, "I've captured every title there is in the world that I have competed in. The only one I haven't [captured] in pro wrestling is the WWF [title]." He continued, "I will hope that somewhere down the road, that all of the differences will be put aside and allow me to come back and at least get a shot at the heavyweight title. And I hope Brock Lesnar has it because I'd like to come after him."

If he had a chance to talk to Vince McMahon, he'd want to know why he's not welcome back in WWE. "I would want to know why because everybody else has come back," Shamrock said. "I would really want to know the truth. What was it that I did so bad that kept me out?"

Shamrock is one of the few top names from the Attitude Era that haven't been brought back for special appearances and his name is barely mentioned on historical packages on the WWE Network or DVD's so it would be interesting to find out what the issues are from WWE's side if there are any.