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Kenny King talks about Austin Aries’ WWE release

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ROH Wrestler and Bachelorette contestant, Kenny King is the special guest on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 12360 this week and he talks about the major difference between ROH and Impact Wrestling

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Sean Gives His Thoughts About Austin Aries Leaving The WWE: Apparently someone in the company wasn’t happy with him. I’m not sure why. Maybe he rubbed someone the wrong way, who knows.

Kenny King Mentions His Mother Beating Cancer: There is no trace of cancer anywhere in her the body. She is completely recovered from her kemo. She’s stronger than I’ve seen her in a long time.

Kenny King Tells How ABC Contacted Him To Be On The Bachelorette: The funny thing is I didn’t send anything in. I got a phone call from an ABC producer.

I have a friend who writes a Hollywood blog, he’s in the scene. He brought the subject up to me, “hey would you ever be interested in doing the bachelor or the bachelorette?” We laughed like whatever…”the wrestling bachelor” , so it was a joke but I said “sure whatever I am up for it”.

Kenny King’s Thoughts on Austin Aries Leaving WWE: Aries and I are really good friends. We speak pretty regularly… Austin Aries is a guy who knows his worth; he knows where he fits in the wrestling business.

Kenny King on the difference between working for Impact and Ring of Honor: I get my damn check on time bro. Getting paid on time is a huge advantage and difference. That and also the culture at ROH. It’s always been we’re just going to blow this shit up. And it doesn’t matter who’s there. Whether it’s AJ (Styles), or the Briscoe’s (Briscoe Brothers), or Roddy (Roderick Strong) or everybody. It’s a team mentality. And everybody wants to put their best effort on each card to make each show the best. I’m not saying it wasn’t like that at Impact but it’s very much like that at ROH.

MVP takes the Wrap for Beat Down Clan:How is that it was MVP’s fault in any way, shape, or form? He is talent. He recommends a talent. You got all these lawyers and you got all these people that work in Panda (Panda Electric – Former Owner of Impact) and the office for this sort of thing. You mean nobody thought it would be a good idea to check? Its standard operating procedure nowadays in pro wrestling to say, “Let me see your non-compete? When’s your non-compete up?” This is just how wrestling works in the twenty-first century.

Goal to Act with The Rock: I feel like me and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) should make a movie called, “Swole Mates”, where we’re two guys that used to be either real skinny or real fat and we got super jacked and it’s like “Step Brothers” in the gym… Kenny King and The Rock in “Swole Mates” is everything America needs right now.

Kenny King Gives His Thoughts On Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather: Connor’s a boxer, sure, but he ain’t in the same galaxy as Floyd Mayweather and vice versa. Floyd can sort of fight but he ain’t in the same galaxy as Conor when it comes to mixed martial arts.

Get it all on this week’s brand new episode of AfterBuzz TV’s X-Pac 12360. Two words for you…DOWNLOAD IT!

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