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KENTA reacts to Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston using GTS during match

WWE held a live event on Saturday night in Lima, Peru at the Jockey Club del Peru and in the main event, Daniel Bryan & Kofi Kingston had an interesting way to react to CM Punk chants.

In the match, Bryan asked the fans who’s the best. This led to the fans chanting for the former WWE Champion. As a result, Bryan hit Punk’s finisher, GTS, twice on Kingston. Later in the match, the crowd wanted a third GTS, which led to Kingston hitting Bryan with it.

NJPW star KENTA has been known to tell fans that he was the first to use the move before Punk did. Most fans associate the finisher to Punk because he was in WWE before KENTA.

KENTA took to his official Twitter account to let fans know that he’s been using it since 2004. He wrote, “Just letting you know, ©️2004 KENTA.”

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