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Kerwin Silfies, WWE's director of TV since the early 80s, has been furloughed



Kerwin Silfies is one of the people that were furloughed this week as part of budget cuts. Many fans may not recognize the name but he's been one of the key people behind the scenes as the director of TV since the company expanded nationally in the early to mid-1980s.

Conrad Thompson revealed the news about Silfies this week on the version of Grilling JR with Jim Ross during a conversation about some of the long-time and respected employees that were on the list of released/furloughs this week.

Thompson said, "I don't know if some of these names are out there but I hear that Kerwin Silfies got furloughed. Kerwin's been there since Vince's there, right?"

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Ross said, "Kerwin was there a long time before I got there and I got there in 93. Kerwin was very well established as the director [and he] worked in the truck. Kerwin took a lot of shit over the years ... Kerwin Silfies is a great director and here's the thing that [WWE] discounts sometimes - is that they have discounted [and] apparently furloughed and or fired some great people with great product knowledge and that to me is always a big thing."

Thompson and Ross also gave their thoughts on Finlay being released or furloughed. Finlay the key person behind training the women in the company and putting their matches together. They also talked about referee Mike Chioda, who has been with the company since the late 80s.

They also discussed Lance Storm being on the list after he joined the company a few months ago shortly after closing down his wrestling school. All of the main roster talent released this week are listed on but they did not announce the names of employees that were furloughed so there's likely a lot of employees released or furloughed that we don't know about yet. Click here for the list of confirmed names that were furloughed/released.

Thompson and Ross believe that more cuts are likely if WWE is not able to run live events until the fall of 2021. Ross went as far as to say that we could see more cuts before the next investor conference call on Thursday.

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