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WWE presented its last main roster premium live event of 2022 this past Saturday with Survivor Series. Kevin Dunn, who is WWE Executive Vice President, Television Production, was a big name not present at the show. first reported that Dunn wasn’t at the show because he took a vacation for Thanksgiving week. Brian Fadem ran the production truck at Survivor Series.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported some additional details on Dunn’s absence.

“While the idea of Dunn taking a vacation would feel to me to be a non-story, internally we were told it was a pretty big deal backstage at the show that Dunn would miss a PPV event.”

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The report stated Dunn’s absence from the show was heavily talked about backstage.

Dunn has been with WWE since 1984 when he rose up the ranks to the position he is in today. He has been the producer for WWE programming since 1988.