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During the latest "Kliq This" podcast, Kevin Nash talked about the Vince McMahon allegations that led to him resigning as CEO and Chairman of WWE.

Nash said that he doesn't know enough details about the situation with McMahon to know if there's smoke to the fire, as some have speculated.

Nash said, "If you have some affairs and you know, I go with the Charlie Sheen thing...when the Heidi Fleiss thing came out, everybody jumped on Sheen's throat like, Charlie, why are you paying for prostitution? He's like, I'm not paying for the prostitution, I'm paying to tell them to get the f**k out of my house. And, you know, Vince had these affairs, and maybe it was time that you know, something didn't work out. He just didn't want it to get out. So instead of it becoming a situation where it was sour grapes and he wanted to break something off he you know, a person of that statue -- my whole thing is I haven't seen anything with sexual impropriety where he's forced himself on somebody."

Nash also acknowledged the $7.5 million payment made to one of the women. He said, "Dropping f**king 7.5 to somebody. I mean, f**k there's guys that have been on top of his business that didn't make anywhere f**king near that."

Nash also took some time to share some personal words for McMahon and he invited him to hang out with him in Florida:

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"I just wanted to say to Vince McMahon personally that right now I'm sitting in my oceanfront podcast studio, and my son and I will drive 1.6 miles down the beach to our oceanfront home. And without you believing in me, I would have none of this. There's no NWO with no Diesel. And so I just wanted to personally say thank you. And thank you for what you've done for our industry. And I don't know what the f**k you're gonna do, man but if you ever want to drink some f**king red wine, I'll pick you up in the Bronco. Fly that private sh*t down to Daytona Beach. I can pick you up in the Bronco [and we'll] go smoke a cigar and have some f**king wine."

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