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Kevin Nash confirms that he’ll be on Raw tonight

Thanks to Walt Hoenisch

I’ve just returned from a screening of NWO: The Revolution, on the big screen, at Hollywood Blvd Cinema in Woodridge, IL. After the screening, Kevin Nash appeared and conducted a Q&A session before then doing an autograph signing.

The Q&A was short but here are some of the points made during it:

Nash said that he will be at the RAW/Hogan Celebration tomorrow night.

Diesel” will be a character in WWE 2K15 and that Jay Lethal just recently completed filming all his moves and entrance for it.

When asked if he would prefer to be inducted into the WWE HOF as Diesel or as Kevin Nash, he stated that he would refuse to be inducted as Diesel (That one the crowd found very interesting).

Someone asked Nash if he would be willing to come back to work a match with Roman Reigns, to which he replied “I enjoy walking too much to ever do that” and then touted Reigns as a “gifted talent” that will make it big in the business.

On the subject of the beginnings of the NWO, someone asked him he thought the outcome would had been the same if instead of Hogan joining The Outsiders it would had been Sting. Nash said that the only reason that the NWO took off the way it did was because it was Hogan and that nobody else could had done what he did.

The subject of Randy Savage being inducted to the WWE HOF came up as well, to which Nash stated that the reason he hasn’t been inducted yet is because of the Poffo family and that they need to let it happen. Nash also said that the Savage you saw in the ring was the same Savage they all knew outside of the ring and that he still can’t believe that he’s no longer here.

When asked to name someone he enjoyed being in the ring with, Nash said Bret Hart was one of his favorites and that they never had a bad match together ever.

On personal notes, Nash stated that he talks to Steve Austin a couple of times a week, that he communicates with Triple H on a regular basis but that because of Hunter’s responsibilities, it is mostly through texting and that he tells his son that Hunter and Stephanie are prime examples of 1) never knowing who you will ultimately fall in love with and 2) that they have proven that you can as easily fall in love with a woman worth $200 million as you can a woman who works for Hardees (which got a huge laugh from the crowd!)

Nash was very nice to everyone and took extra time with an autistic teen, sitting behind me, who ran up to him as he was walking down the theater isle and hugged him, not wanting to let go. Nash stopped what he was doing and spent probably 5 minutes with the young man before continuing with the appearance. I thought that was a class act!


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