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Kevin Nash Offers Support for Eric Bischoff HOF Induction, Bischoff Responds

Co-host of the 83 Weeks podcast and former President of WCW Eric Bischoff recently responded to comments made by Kevin Nash. These comments were regarding a WWE Hall of Fame spot for ‘Easy E.’

Eric Bischoff for WWE HOF?

When asked by a fan if Bischoff should be inducted with the nWo; Nash responded “no, he should go in by himself.” The nWo faction will of course be entering the WWE Hall of Fame at WrestleMania weekend this year. Hulk Hogan. Sean Waltman. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are the four men that are being officially recognised and inducted into the HOF. Although there were multiple members of the nWo, these three men will be representing the group.

“You know, it’s nice to get that every once in a while”

Eric Bischoff would respond to Nash’s comments on this week’s episode of his podcast. “You know, it’s always flattering and always makes you feel good. When people recognise you for for your work and they’re supportive” Bischoff began. “You know, it’s nice to get that every once in a while, compared to the rest of the stuff that comes through my [twitter] feed, that made me feel good.”

eric bischoff

Bischoff elaborated further, saying “look, Kevin’s a great guy, we’ve got a long and colourful history together. He speaks his mind he will always tell you how he feels. So yeah, made me feel good and it’s always great to see that kind of support. Not gonna lie about it.”

Both Hall and Nash recently revealed their own picks for nWo members to be entered in with them this April. Both men agreed on the induction of Kevin Sullivan; with Nash saying “Kevin Sullivan. Though this was Eric’s idea, Sullivan was the one that made sure… there’s always been this equation; that if you’re heels, in order for you to be successful…it’s like a hot air balloon. The more you ‘heat’ that balloon the higher it goes.”

You can listen to the 83 Weeks podcast with Eric Bischoff every week via Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Player FM.

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