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Kevin Nash officially announced for the WWE Hall of Fame

WWE officially announced that Kevin Nash will be going into the WWE Hall of Fame. It was thought that he would be going in as Diesel since there were shirts leaked online of him as the Diesel character. So it looks like that was a false rumor or plans changed. Whatever the case is, congrats to Nash on his induction.

Nash was interviewed for today and talked about his induction.

"When people write articles about why I should or shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame, inevitably they always mention something about all of that. To be honest, I think the thing I'm most proud of is that I always viewed this as a business, and without me doing some of those things, this business wouldn't be as lucrative for some of the guys as it is today." He added, "But my whole thing is, for someone that didn't love the business, I sure did come back from a lot of injuries and work through a lot of pain. I never wanted to let a company down because of injuries. We all get injured, but we all continue, and I still do it. I'm still on the road, still at the gym."

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