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Kevin Nash on being surprised when he met Shawn Michaels

You never forget the moment when you meet your best friend. Whether it’s an actual person or a figurative friend like a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza you eat by yourself, everyone has a special moment in their life worth remembering in that regard.

Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels have been pals for quite a long time at this point, but one thing Kevin Nash will never forget about the day he met HBK was hot surprised he was by his voice.

On a recent episode of Table For 3 AJ Styles, Kevin Nash, and Shawn Michaels all shared a meal to go over many topics. But while Michaels was sharing a story about when he first met the Phenomenal One, Nash had to but in and ask whether AJ Styles was surprised by Michaels’ deep gravely voice as well.

Styles asked Michaels if his voice was an attempt to cover up a Southern accent, but HBK just said it’s the way he’s always sounded. It was revealed that Mr. WrestleMania’s deep voice is often an inside joke between him and Nash which is just something entertaining to know.

Kevin said when he first met Shawn he was shocked by the size of his voice and Michaels jokingly admitted that he might have been showing off for his new bodyguard a little bit. But it’s nice to know I’m not the one who’s always noticed how deep Shawn Michaels’ voice was because he gives even Braun Strowman a run for his money in the deep voice department.

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