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Kevin Nash on if he thinks AEW will be competition for WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash was recently interviewed by Gamespot in order to promote his new movie, Living the Dream.

In this interview, the former WWE Champion gave his thoughts on AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and if he thinks the newly launched promotion can become competition for the WWE.

“You know, I think that the WWE is always going to be a flag-bearer. I think when we made the run with [Ted] Turner[‘s WCW] against Vince [McMahon], Vince, he was a private company. We just basically out-moneyed him. We kept buying his stars. WCW didn’t make any stars. They just bought Vince’s stars. And that’s the whole thing now is the Bucks and guys like that, I think it’s great, and people are like, “What do you think? It’s just going to be another Monday Night War?” I’m like, ‘Dude, they’ve done one pay-per-view, you know? Vince is getting ready to go on Fox.’

I go back to TV, and it’s six months since I’ve been at an event, and it looks like the Super Bowl. We used to have two production trucks. There’s like 30 production trucks now. I mean, it is amazing just from a production standpoint. We had seven cameras. There’s 17 or 19 cameras now, you know? As somebody said, it’s great if you’ve got good talent that can put on live performances, like the Bucks and Cody and Omega. I think having Jericho there that’s been part of the Monday Night Wars, his career has kind of crossed those two paths, I think he’ll be instrumental in kind of guiding that. But at the same time, it’s just like it’s one thing to have a good live event like they had in Chicago. It’s another thing to have the money. I heard the father gave the son $100 million to start. We used to go through that in about seven months at Turner, you know? And just like that don’t go too far. We’ll just have to see.”

The first official event under the banner of AEW is Double or Nothing that is scheduled to take place on May 25th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their second official show goes down July in Jacksonville, Florida at the Fight for the Fallen event.

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