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Kevin Nash rants on Roddy Piper; calls him a deranged fool

Kevin Nash went on a long twitter rant last night on Roddy Piper after he heard about things that were said on Piper’s podcast. Piper talked about a tag match that involved himself and Kevin Nash and Piper said that it was a horrible match and Nash couldn’t work. Piper also noted that he clapped for everyone including Mr. T but didn’t clap for Kevin Nash at the Hall of Fame since it would be hypocritical of him considering what happened in WCW. Piper claimed that after the match he and Nash got into it backstage and then leg dived Nash and threw him out of the locker room.

Nash’s comments are below:

Piper is a deranged old fool.He got b**ch slapped to the floor.Hulk,Pac,Scott and Eric were in the room.Let it go Rod.Pod cast invite?

When you strike a man a see fear in his face at my size you realize your playing the bully.I was bullied as a 6-10 212 pound 14 year old.

Not shooting an angle. Have had his tweets sent to me . Can’t take the high road with a b**ch.wanted to give respect now deal with me.

Hot Rod can have me on his pod cast . It’s that easy.

Done talking about HOT ROD will wait for his response. Be an ass h**e on my page my team will block you I won’t read it sorry.

Was his podcast hacked.This dude knows he’s off my radar my boys aren’t.

My crew said thew cut off some heads.I hope it was haters.Now their saying Piper has dementia. Your running a pod cast let me remind you

Love when assh**es say it’s the red wine .Anger keeps one awake red wine dulls anger.I heard his podcast, pay the piper? .

Just take care of the situation Detroit style.night twitter.

You can listen to the podcast below.

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