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During the latest "Kliq This" podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash talked about his relationship with Triple H, including how they first met, Hunter's bodybuilding regimen, Chyna, the Curtain Call, Hunter's rise to power, and several other topics. 

Nash was asked how the Kliq’s friendship with Triple H started:

"We would always watch the WCW Saturday show and he was Terra Ryzing at the time. That was his character and he was our favorite guy. Like he was like the Kliq's favorite guy. Killer Kowalski had broken Paul in so Kowalski brought Paul to TV (in WWE). So then he had his tryout match, and of course it was a fu*king monitor sell out. He did really well.”

“We tried to get him to immediately travel with us, but he said he was with Kowalski. I said, ‘Ok, well next set of TVs, you’re with us.’ He was anointed before he got in because he was Terra Ryzing and then he went out there and tore it up. He worked like the rest of us, plus the fact that he wouldn't leave Kowalski, you know, like, ‘I came with Walter, I’m going to stay with Walter.’ It’s a little bit old school that we all appreciate.”

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“The next trip we have, I think we’re in Portland, ME. The first night, Kid (Sean Waltman) eats a couple too many somas. We’re in Denny’s and he’s shaking, like the full shakes. We have to bail. We gotta get out before we get in trouble. So we get out there and Shawn (Michaels) gives Kid kind of a smack in the face, like come on, snap out of it. Scott (Hall) gives him one, and then Paul gives him one. We're all like, 'Hey, motherfu*ker. It's your first day.’"

"It was one of those deals where we were up all night wrestling with Kid in a cold shower, like making him go in the shower and then walk him up and down the hallway. We didn't know if he's gonna OD or what. I mean, this goes on all night. He started to fade out and we're like, come on, and he’s fighting. He's wiry and strong, like maniac-strong. It's taking all of us to hold him in this ice cold shower and walk up and down the hallways. We got the robe from the hotel that we're putting him in to walk him up down the hallway.”

"Finally, at about six o'clock, he falls asleep. I just sat through it and I made sure he was breathing. At about nine o'clock, he woke up. I was just sitting there looking at him. He just looked at me and said, “Love your man. I just want to go and take this time to say thank you for saving my life.' He turned and went to bed. I said, 'Don't mention it. We're cool. So that was Paul's intro to traveling with us. Like the first day was, ‘What the f*ck?’”

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