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On the latest "Kliq This" podcast with Sean Oliver, WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash talked about the "Summer of '92" and what it was like traveling on the road with guys like Shawn Michaels, Bam Bam Bigelow being held at gunpoint, having beers with Lex Luger and more.

Nash said the following when he was asked if he attended Ric Flair's match in Nashville:

"No, I did not...I went home and I watched it. And when I saw Taker and Mick and all the boys were in that area watching Ric match. I was just like, 'uh.' I just did a 9 to 12 signing and then went on stage with you from 12:30 to 1:15. I mean, I was done. I was done interacting for the day. And I also -- I had a bad feeling. I had a bad feeling. I didn't want to see -- I love Ric to death. I mean I've known Ric for 30 plus years and it's so funny because I've spent so much time in the Caribbean and every island I go to has a Ric Flair story. If it's the Marriott you go through [and they say] 'oh yeah Ric Flair was here one time, he came in and he went up to his f**king room and there was a wedding reception going on down by the pool and he came down with his robe and his f**king sandals and he f**king had two helium balloons tied on his c**k and he came down and opened his robe and danced around the f**king pool.' ...People say, who's the greatest of all time. But there's only one Naitch."

On why he didn't stay for the match: "I did not have a good feeling. I didn't want to see something happen, I wanted to have the comfort of 550 miles between me and that arena. I'm not in any way over Scott, nor will I ever be. And it was too soon for me to have to start to wrap my head around the fact that something could physically happen to my friend and I would f**king sit there and like, and be there and it's like, I got the nose up on this last one. I don't need to f**king this next one is going to be Patsy Cline. You know."

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Nash was asked about possibly wrestling again and he shot that down. Nash said, "No, I don't. The f**king thought of my f**king rickety ass body hitting that f**king wood. Like nah man and not even for f**king Saudi money. You come with me the half a million bucks let me take two bumps, f**k you. What am I gonna do with that? Let me put that in the bank with the rest of my f**king money I don't spend."

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