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Kevin Owens can’t do anything nice without starting something with Randy Orton

Kevin Owens is a classic heel on television but it’s really no secret he’s actually a great guy in real life. Sorry to break your kayfabe bubble, but Kevin is really one of the coolest people you can meet in the pro wrestling business. Of course, there will always be times when he gets annoyed at fans for snapping pictures of him when he hasn’t given them permission. But anyone would get to that point sooner or later.

One happy couple experienced the real KO recently when they were celebrating their wedding by having a “dessert party” at Epcot. Kevin Owens stopped by and the happy couple was obviously more than delighted to have The Prizefighter attend the party even though he probably didn’t receive an invitation.

As you can see by the picture below, there were all smiles and Kevin Owens even tweeted out how great it was to meet them on their happy day.

Of course, Randy Orton had to put his two cents in there while making a crack about Kevin Owens’ weight in the process. At that point, Kevin Owens thought it was appropriate to attack Randy Orton for vaping. It was a nice little back-and-forth that you can read below.

These guys have a lot of fun on Twitter, that’s for sure.

Randy Orton put the cherry on top during this online skirmish though when he seamlessly blended shoot and work in a brilliant comeback. By the way, if Orton moved from cigarettes to vaping he really should be congratulated. It is a much safer alternative and provides people with the option of moving down to 0mg nicotine while enjoying a plethora of amazing flavor choices in the process.

But wait, there’s more because Kevin Owens couldn’t take that comment laying down. He made a joke about RKO quitting WWE and then congratulating him on ceasing the act of nicotine cessation.

But even Kevin Owens had to give The Viper props on his wicked comeback about giving up vaping on the European tour. To be honest, Orton might have quit out of necessity because he couldn’t find an adapter to charge the external batteries for his mod. But it was still a great way to poke back at The Prizefighter seeing how he and Sami Zayn were sent home early from the European tour.

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