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Kevin Owens comments on WWE possibly holding shows with fans during COVID-19 pandemic



Kevin Owens did an interview with Bleacher Report to discuss a wide range of topics.

The former Universal Champion was asked about the possibility of WWE touring again. It’s been reported that Vince McMahon is focused on running shows again with fans in attendance.

He’s been trying to resume touring since July and next month when WWE’s contract with the Amway Center expires could be when this happens.

A few months ago, Owens went to McMahon about his concerns regarding COVID-19 and the risk of working WWE TV tapings during the outbreak of the virus.

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At the time, WWE wasn’t doing any COVID testing, but rather temperature checks. This led to him taking a hiatus until the company started to enforce everyone wearing masks and eventually doing testing. According to Owens, he’s open to the idea of touring.

"I think I would be comfortable [touring in front of fans again] because I've been very vocal and very honest with WWE management as far as the virus goes and the measures we're taking to try and keep it safe and stuff like that," he said. "When I wasn't comfortable with the way things were, I voiced my concerns and they took it seriously and immediately tried to remedy the situation to make sure everyone felt comfortable, including myself. I feel good about how they try to handle everything."

Owens stated that if he felt WWE wasn’t keeping everyone safe then he wouldn’t be on the shows.

"If the choice is made to start traveling and start allowing fans in, I'm going to assess the situation and talk to anybody I need to talk to if I don't feel comfortable, but right now, I see the way they handle things in the ThunderDome and I'm happy to go there every Raw, SmackDown, whatever it is and do my work. I would think they would take the topic of going back on the road or allowing fans back in just as seriously, and if they do, then I'll be there to perform."

Owens also talked about Vince McMahon, WWE Draft, his character, and more. Check out the full interview here.