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Kevin Owens explains why he was not at WWE SmackDown Live

Kevin Owens was not featured this week on SmackDown Live and fans on social media have been wondering why he was left off the show.

It turns out that this was not a creative issue and he would have been on the show if not for Hurricane Dorian.

In response to a fan tweet, Owens joked that he missed SmackDown Live because maybe Shane McMahon would show up and he would be doing everyone a favor.

But in all seriousness, the real reason why he was not at the show is because he made the decision not to fly out of Florida because there was still uncertanity on if the hurricane would make landfall. Owens made the decision to stay with his family, which is commendable.

Thankfully, Hurricane Dorian skirted most of the Florida coast but it has already done exensive damage in the Bahamas and it’s now working it’s way up the east coast.

Hopefully, everyone in the path of the storm will stay safe.

Owen’s tweet is below:

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