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Kevin Owens has high praise for Braun Strowman’s work in WWE

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Kevin Owens has high praise for Braun Strowman’s work in WWE

Currently injured WWE star Kevin Owens recently did an interview with Inside The Ropes to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Owens touched on the subject of getting to work a program with Braun Strowman. Prior to being sidelined with an injury, Owens worked a feud with Strowman for several weeks.

The rivalry included a ridiculous Steel Cage spot in which Owens fell from the top of a Steel Cage and onto an announce table during their match at Extreme Rules earlier this year. Owens talked about how amazing Strowman’s progression within the business has been for how little time he has been in it. However, he still notes that, given Strowman’s ridiculous size, everything he does still hurts:

“For a guy who’s been doing this for three years, and had maybe five matches before he showed up at SummerSlam [in 2015] making his debut, and for a guy that big, he’s pretty incredible. His progression has been unbelievable. So that’s been cool,” Owens said.

“But he’s still 300-and-something pounds, he’s six feet eight inches, everything he does hurts. That part of it’s been a bit rough, but it is what we do, it’s a sacrifice of what we do obviously.

“But it’s been cool and people seem to enjoy what we’re doing. That’s really all that matters in the end.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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