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Kevin Owens on his first meeting with Steve Austin, why he re-signed with WWE



Kevin Owens appeared on the "Out of Character with Ryan Satin" podcast to talk about what it was like to wrestle during the pandemic, re-signing with WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin, working with Seth Rollins and more.

Owens talked about the first time he met Steve Austin in 2005:

“That’s something that defined my character. It really did. It sounds like almost an exaggeration to say that my career may not have turned out the way it did without that meeting, but it’s really true. I met him in 2005 in an airport in Texas. Sami Zayn and I were connecting to a PWG show.”

“We were walking to our gate. I was walking to get a drink of water, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Stone Cold. I was like, man, I have to talk to him. This is literally my idol. I go back over to Sami. I said, ‘C’mon, we’re going to talk to Stone Cold.’

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We walked up to him, introduced ourselves, and said we’re independent wrestlers on the way to California for a show. He was so nice, very friendly. We talked a little bit about the business and how the independents work because he obviously hasn’t been on the independent scene in a while. Then they called the first class passengers so we had to go. I said to him, ‘If you have one piece of advice for us, what is it?’ He said, ‘Just keep running your mouth. Never stop running your mouth.’

That piece of advice, I immediately put it into work. That was the week that I won the PWG title for the first time against AJ Styles, and I was talking the whole match, like non-stop. It really became a staple of my independent career, and now into WWE. I think it’s actually one of the things people enjoy the most about my work. It helped take me to a level that I hadn’t attained at that time, so who knows what would have happened if he hadn’t given me that piece of advice.”

Owens was asked if it was an easy decision to re-sign with WWE and if he had conversations with them on how he would like to see his career go before making that decision:

“No. I dealt with Vince McMahon directly, he made it clear he wanted me to stay, and we made an agreement right then and there. I’m a big believer that my career is going to go the way it goes, and I’m going to do the best with it. I’m there now for a couple more years. I’m going to do my best to get opportunities, I’m going to knock them out of the park, and reap the benefits. As I’ve documented before, there’s ups and downs to this thing, to WWE, to wrestling, to the industry. I feel like I’m on a really great upswing right now. I’m enjoying what I do. I’m really enjoying myself a lot lately. That’s great, and hopefully, it keeps going that way. If it eventually stops feeling that way, and I feel like I’m on the downswing, then it’s up to me to try to find a way back up. I’ve always taken that outlook, and I’m really having a great time these days.”

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