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Kevin Owens on receiving mixed crowd reactions, sacrifices of being in WWE, more

Current WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens recently appeared on “The Steve Austin Show.” During the podcast, Austin asked him about the mixed reactions he receives from the fans. He noted that he likes going in front of crowds that only sees WWE once or twice a year. He brought up working with John Cena on his first international tour on the main roster, which in his words was not a bad way to start. He remembered that he was pretty new at the time and that the fans knew who he was, which he thought was pretty cool to see how they responded to him. He noted that Cena always has that dynamic of a crowd where it was 50/50 cheers and boos. He said that Cena has that kind of reaction as well as Roman Reigns. He finds that clash from the fans to be interesting.

Owens brought up the sacrifices of being in the WWE. He noted that there is no better feeling beside of getting married and having kids than getting a win and giving the fans exactly what they wanted. He noted that even beyond the ring, the time that he spends in the ring is why they do what they do as making the sacrifices from being away from his family and stuff like that. He said that the money and securing the future is part of it, but the passion that he has for wrestling can be topped by the part of the night of getting in the car with some wrestlers and driving to the next town while talking about what happened at the next show. Owens stated that this is something that he gets a great deal of enjoyment from and wants to make WWE better with live events and other things. He noted that he enjoys every aspect of pro wrestling. Although he doesn’t like being on the road and away from his family, he can get zoned into what he is doing once he gets to the building. He added that it’s a great feeling to be in a position where he can try to help make the show better both in and out of the ring.

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