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Kevin Owens praises to Tye Dillinger, believes Finn Balor got NXT to where it is now



Kevin Owens spoke with Sky Sports to promote the upcoming WWE SummerSlam PPV event. Here are the highlights.

On Tye Dillinger: “If I were able to pick somebody to wrestle so a lot of people get to see them maybe for the first time and they get more recognition, it would be Dillinger. There are lot of guys in NXT who deserve the spotlight but I think he is one of the best guys we have, not just in NXT but in WWE as a whole. Some of the guys in NXT haven’t wrestled for long and some of them haven’t wrestled at all but Dillinger has been doing this for a long time. If there is someone on the roster they can look up to it is him – he is fantastic; a great wrestler and a great person in and out of the ring.”

On Finn Balor getting drafted to the main roster: “When Finn, myself and Hideo Itami started there the brand was definitely on the rise – not just because of us, let me make that clear, but because every performer and coach, plus the management team, were working so hard to make it something pretty special. Then Hideo and Zayn got hurt, and myself and Neville got called to the main roster, so without Finn, I don’t know whether NXT would have reached the level it has today – you always need one guy to hitch your wagon to [and he was that guy].”

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