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Kevin Owens pulls out of WWE live events due to personal reasons



WWE has announced that Kevin Owens will not be appearing on the rest of the live events in Argentina and Chile this weekend due to personal reasons. Owens wrestled at the live event in Buenos Aires on Thursday night but he has already flown home. It's not clear what exactly is going on with him but we wish him well. AJ Styles had to pull out of Thursday's live event due to a stomach illness.

I know that this will lead to more speculation after the recent stories on Nia Jax, Tom Phillips, Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, JoJo, and Neville but there is nothing that indicates to us that there are issues between Owens and WWE so I would take their statement at face value.

Here is WWE's full statement on Kevin Owens:

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Kevin Owens left Buenos Aires today and will not appear at the remaining Live Events in Argentina and Chile this weekend, has learned.

Though Owens did perform at Luna Park for Thursday night's Live Event in Buenos Aires, he has left before the remaining Live Event dates scheduled in Argentina for tonight, and at the Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile, this Friday and Saturday, due to personal reasons.

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