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Kevin Owens returned to Twitter because of Shania Twain

WWE / AP Images

WWE / AP Images

A while back, Kevin Owens changed his name on Twitter back to Kevin Steen when he was fired via storyline. It turns out changing his name might have alerted the fine folks at Twitter so they took his blue checkmark away meaning he is no longer verified.

The Twitter Verification Team might have thought his account was hacked or maybe they were playing along with the angle as well because they're awesome, but Sami Zayn's account didn't receive the same fate because he just went dark on Twitter and sent out a couple messages as El Generico to get everyone excited about a possible return of the generic luchador.

But it turns out Owens is once again Twitter verified and he has a very good reason for it too. Kevin didn't get verified again for the fans or even due to his top status in WWE. It turns out Owens got his blue check mark back so he could request a song from Shania Twain at a concert he plans on attending.

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You can read a screenshot of his Twitter profile description below where he says that he is completely serious and we believe him because why would he lie about a thing like that? Apparently, KO really wants to hear "When" during the show this Summer and he's serious enough about it to get back his verification.

It's pretty nice for the Twitter Verification Team to do this as well, but when someone like Kevin Owens asks for a favor it's hard to say no.

kevin owens twitter

The screenshot reads: "I got verified again so that I can beg Shania Twain to play my favorite song, ‘When,’ at her concert this summer in Montreal, because I’ll be there. I’m serious."

I guess you will have to follow KO on Twitter to find out if he can get Twain's attention.