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Kevin Owens ripped on Shane McMahon for taking TV time away from other wrestlers

This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live opened up with a hot segment.

Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler brawled in the parking lot to kick off the show and that led to Shane McMahon canceling their scheduled match.

However, Owens was not done. He proceeded to make his way to ringside and then he grabbed a microphone to do a worked shoot promo on Shane McMahon.

Owens said: “Cut the music, I got something to say. You know what, last week I came out here and I spoke the truth about Dolph Ziggler. But it looks like tonight someone else needs to hear the truth and that’s Shane McMahon.”

Owens continued, “Now I’ve sat back and tried to be a good guy, a good company guy, and not piss anyone off for too long, and I’m done with that because it didn’t get me anything. So, you know what? A while ago I watched the entire McMahon family come out in this ring and say, ‘Hey, right now, from now on we’re gonna listen to the fans and give the audience what they want.’ But the only thing that’s happened since then is Shane McMahon has gotten more power, more authority and more TV time than anyone, and trust me when I say that nobody watching ever wanted that!”

Owens continued with his promo while the crowd applauded.

“You know, now we have to sit back every week on every show and listen to Shane McMahon call himself the best in the world and every time that happens that makes me sick. It makes me want to come out here and smash my head on this stupid table.”

Shane then walked out onto the stage area. You need to hear this. This is the biggest load of crap I have ever seen.” This is when his microphone was cut off but he was able to talk with a second microphone.

Owens continued: “Hey, guess what, idiot? There’s more than one microphone and I’m not done! You know what, every time you call yourself the best in the world, that is an insult and a slap to the face to every single person in the back, in the locker room, who breaks their back week in, week out, on TV, on the road, around the world, to be WWE Superstars, and it makes me sick. It makes me sick and it makes everybody sick. And you know what happens when you call yourself the best in the world? Everybody back there, including me, is thinking, ‘Shane McMahon can kiss my ass!’ because that ring does not belong to you.”

The mic was cut off again but he continued talking on the announcer’s headset.

“I’m not done. I would never call myself the best in the world and there’s a hundred people back there and you take up TV time from Apollo Crews, Buddy Murphy, Ali, Liv Morgan, Asuka, AOP, Kairi Sane.”

His mic was cut off again and security rushed the ring but Owens was able to get away through a back entrance.

It’s pretty clear that Owens is a babyface again. It will be interesting to see what the direction is for him going forward.

For those of you that missed it, here is Owens’ promo from SmackDown Live:


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