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Photo Credit: WWE


Kevin Owens says New Japan Pro Wrestling star has the best promo in wrestling

It takes a lot to get praise from Kevin Owens. After all, he has a pretty high standard and has seen a lot in the pro wrestling business in his 18-year career so far. But he just couldn’t keep it to himself when he witnessed a certain New Japan Pro Wrestling star doing his thing on the microphone.

Juice Robinson is lighting up NJPW and is currently scheduled to take on Jay White at New Japan’s upcoming G1 Special at the Cow Palace. He hopes to walk away from San Fransisco with the IWGP United States Championship but he will have to go through a war to make it happen.

Robinson and Owens actually tangled before when Juice was known as CJ Parker in NXT. Robinson’s NXT hippy character would bring protest signs to the ring and riled up fans all over the place with his obnoxious personality. This was the perfect first opponent for Kevin Owens as he wrestled his only match in NXT as a babyface.

KO and Juice opened up NXT: R Evolution and Owens left the match bloody from a stiff palm strike to the nose. Drawing blood in this encounter might not have been in the plan but it added a lot to the visual of Owens beating down Sami Zayn at the end of the night when he finally dethroned Adrian Neville for the NXT Title.

But if you’ve seen Juice Robinson work a microphone in NJPW before then you know why Kevin Owens proclaimed he has the best promo in wrestling. It might be only a matter of time before Robinson is impossible to ignore but in the meantime, he’s going to keep gaining momentum and attention doing whatever he can but he doesn’t have protest signs anymore because he doesn’t need them.

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