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Kevin Owens shares when he learned about plans for Steve Austin’s WWE return



Kevin Owens has been feuding with Steve Austin for the last month to build to a confrontation on the KO Show at WWE WrestleMania 38.

Owens had been teaming with Seth Rollins on WWE Raw earlier this year and started taking shots at Texas, the host state for WrestleMania and home state of Austin. Owens invited Austin to join him on the KO Show and Austin accepted the invitation on March 8th.

Speaking to Pat LaPrade of TVA Sports, Owens noted that he found out about Austin’s return and plans for the feud back in January.

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“Usually, in November I start asking questions, to try to find ideas and see if they have ideas. This year, I took a different approach. I had just signed my contract, I had my history with Seth Rollins so I thought to myself that I was in a good position. So I started asking questions in January and when I spoke to Vince (McMahon), he was the one who told me that his plan was to bring Austin back for a night and that would be with me. I was super happy! When it's not 100% announced, things can always change. But one week before the event, I fully realize it and I can't wait," exclaimed Owens.

It was first reported in February that WWE had made overtures towards Austin for a return. It’s not being billed an official match, but Austin has promised to unleash one more can of whoop-ass on Owens.