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Kevin Owens shuts down his Twitter account again



Kevin Owens has shut down his Twitter account again. It's a shame because his account as one of the best wrestler accounts, primarily because he still keeps things kayfabe even when he's not on TV.

The first time he shut it down was a few months ago after they did the firing angle on Smackdown Live. He re-activated the account a few weeks ago so he could get Shania Twain's attention ahead of her concert in Montreal. Mission accomplished because he was called up on stage during her concert.

Owens deactivated the account this week sometime after the fall he took off the top of the cage during his match with Braun Strowman. He was not on Raw this week so he could sell the beating he took from Strowman. WWE's storyline update is that Owens will be re-evaluated next week.

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In reality, while he is sore, he did not suffer a serious injury and they gimmicked the table to minimize the potential for injury. It was not a coincidence that the fall happened on the 20th anniversary of Mick Foley's Hell in a Cell bump from 2018. Owens is a huge fan of Foley and the bump on Sunday was done as a tribute to him.