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Kevin Owens talks about his character and being Intercontinental Champion

WWE star Kevin Owens spoke with The Mirror to promote WWE. Here are the highlights.

On his character:

I don’t feel like I’m a character, I certainly don’t feel like I’m a gimmick, I am who I am. Owens may not be my real last name but it’s close as it gets because it’s my son’s name, Owen, that’s why I picked that name, and Kevin Owens is who I am, I can’t stress that enough. Obviously I’m not going round town being as smarky as I am outwardly, but you know, on the inside I am nearly exactly that guy. The bright lights, the music and the ring of Raw and SmackDown that’s my platform to kind of let it out, but really what you see on TV every day is a big part of who I am. So I don’t know if that’s why it connects with people, because it’s very genuine, but that’s one thing even on the independent scene before my time with WWE, that I always made sure to bring out, that everything I do is genuine. I feel like that’s what connects with audiences. If they can tell you’re genuine then they will get behind you or they will hate you. Either way they will react to you because they feel like what they’re watching is reality… and that’s me.

I’ll be honest I don’t like that word gimmick. I think a lot of people use it and don’t really know what it means – I don’t know what it means. I never connected with people who had outlandish characters if you will, I connected with the people who stayed true to themselves, which is why I was the biggest ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin fan there was. I’m a ‘no frills’ kind of guy.

On the differences between working in WWE and the indies:

Yeah I mean I heard that too when I first got to WWE, about the WWE style. The only thing that is different really is you have to be conscious of where the cameras are because you want the television audience to feel they are as much a part of the show as the crowd who are there live. That’s the biggest thing I would say that’s different from my time on the independent scene. I made a decision when I got to WWE to be myself and stick to what worked for me all those years and so far it’s still working, so I don’t plan on changing any time soon. I feel like that’s noticeable in my work, if you’ve followed me over the last five years or whatever, I’m pretty close to what I’ve always been. I’ve not had to change anything drastic and it’s worked for me, so that’s what I’ll keep doing.

On being Intercontinental Champion:

What makes it real special is as a kid I would have toy belts, toy titles, the foam belts, and the one I always liked the most was the Intercontinental title. Any time I beat up my pillow in one of our matches, I would win the Intercontinental title. So the fact I get to be the Intercontinental Champion today, if anything it’s pretty cool for that kid that I was, imagining, fantasising about being Intercontinental Champion one day. The coolest part is the design of the title I have in my possession right now is very close to the original design, not the original design but the one that I had when I was wrestling as a kid in my basement. That foam replica that I had, it looks almost the exact same. So that’s a pretty cool thing.

You can read the entire interview here.


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