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Killer Kross shares what surprising names gave him helpful advice backstage during his WWE main roster run

Killer Kross was interviewed this week on the “Fightful Wrestling” podcast to talk about advice he was given on the WWE main roster, as well as being involved in Free The Narrative.

Kross was asked if anybody gave him helpful advice when he came up to the main WWE roster:

“Drew McIntyre, Bill Goldberg, and Paul Heyman,” Kross revealed.

“Drew was sort of, I don’t know if advocating is really the right word, but he seemed to be somewhat supportive of us on social media before we had actually gotten to know him in terms of Scarlett and I rising through the ranks. He was expressing interest in working with us, which is cool because he absolutely didn’t have to do that. He’s at the top of the food chain,” he said.

“At the time, he was working with Brock and Goldberg. He was the guy who was the poster child during probably the most difficult time in WWE history when he had the belt and we didn’t have anybody. A lot of people forget about that. He was throwing some attention towards us, so I reached out to him and personally thanked him. We kept up a friendly rapport from there. Occasionally I would ask him for his input on stuff. He would give it to me and was always honest.”

“I was just getting to know Goldberg on my way out. He had pulled me aside, talked to me for a little bit, and gave me some really good advice. Same with Paul. Everyone was pretty cool in general to be honest with you, but those are the first three people that jumped out at me since you asked.”

Kross talking about being involved in Free The Narrative:

“I’ve always been a fan of that type of fight club, cinematic, Lucha Underground atmosphere,” Kross stated.

“I began to see all the stuff he was filming independently and kind of creating and publishing and putting it up on the internet. I think this is going to be a great idea.”

“It’s also going to be great for fans. Having alternatives is very good for pro wrestling and for sports entertainment. When people get tired of watching one thing, rather than completely turning it off and having a bad taste in their mouth, they can switch over to something else and still remain in the cycle of what they enjoy and love.”

“So him offering that, creates a place for people to repackage themselves. Some people who feel like they’ve gotten a bad draw of the cards can go there and create something new for their fan base or acquire new fans. It serves a lot of purposes. I think my participation in this, while not wanting to spoil it, will be, I would say a new layer. It’s going to be very violent, and it’s going to be a new fresh coat of paint, so to speak.”

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