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King of the Ring Return?

The King of the Ring tournament was held almost annually from 1985 to 2002, with the most recent tournament occurring in 2010 and being won by Sheamus. News has been swirling from fans (based on a article prediction) that King of the Ring could return in 2015. The King of the Ring hasn’t meant much in the WWE since 2002 when Brock Lesnar won, then went on the defeat The Rock for the WWE Championship. The tournament also gave Booker T a good run after his victory in 2006. As King Booker, a popular new gimmick was born and fans remembered the fun and excitement of the King of the Ring. A return of the tournament could bring a spark back to the product, which has been lacking for months. A classic stipulation may also return, with the winner gaining a title shot at the SummerSlam PPV.

A new tournament could be a good storyline for Roman Reigns to earn his spot as the new top dog in the company. Just like Stone Cold Steve Austin and HHH in the 90’s, Roman could really become a superstar the fans could get behind, especially after earning it through a series of tough matches. The finals matchup could see Reigns facing off against John Cena, with Roman picking up a clean victory. Reigns still might not be ready for the spotlight of the WWE Championship, but a tournament crown could raise his stock within the company and make him into the star WWE is begging for.

Agree/Disagree? Please respond in the comments with your opinions on a King of the Ring return.


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