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Kofi Kingston breaks big WWE record



Kofi Kingston has been with WWE since 2006 and has had a very successful career with the promotion.

The 37-year-old has had a successful career as a singles competitor, with four reigns as Intercontinental Champion and three as the United States Champion. Moreso than that, however, Kingston is an extremely successful tag team competitor. Kingston has won eight Tag Team Titles during his WWE tenure.

Most of those have come as a member of The New Day. When you combine all of his days as Tag Team Champion, Kingston is now the longest reigning Tag Team Champion in WWE history at 954 days. Kingston has held the WWE Tag Team Championships (later changed to the Raw Tag Team Titles) for 818 days. He won those as a member of The New Day, as well as teaming with R-Truth and Evan Bourne.

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Kingston also had a reign as one-half of the World Tag Team Champions with CM Punk from back in 2008. They only held the titles for 47 days. And finally, Kingston has spent 89 days (and counting) as part of the SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions. He has had three reigns with the titles, including the one he's currently a part of.

With the record, Kingston passes up Billy Gunn, who previously held the record with 953 combined days.

Kingston's fellow New Day member, Big E, took to Twitter to congratulate Kingston on the feat:

".@TrueKofi has the most days as a tag team champion in the history of WWE. Never failed a drug test. Never had a brush with the law. Always a professional to the highest degree. Give this man his flowers while he can still smell them."