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Kofi Kingston credits former WWE star for inspiring his unique Royal Rumble spots



Kofi Kingston has earned the reputation for being one of the best minds when it comes to having interesting spots in the fan favorite Royal Rumble match as he has competed in twelve of them. Each year, he comes up with new ideas to impress the fans with his athleticism.

The WWE veteran spoke with 'The Sun' about his Royal Rumble tradition while promoting the pay-per-view event and match, which he took part in as he was just one of 30 stars to compete in this match.

This is where he brought up how he never intended to have this reputation but rather gives credit to former WWE star and now-Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion John Morrison for the inspiration.

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“I didn’t expect to become the guy who people look to do something cool in the Rumble in terms of avoiding elimination. Actually, it was all started by John Morrison for me when he got knocked off the apron and jumped all the way to the barrier and parkoured his way back in to the ring. Then the next year when it came to the Rumble he was not around so I was like, ‘Hey let me try to fill this void’." Kofi explained.

"It became something cool and I tried to figure out something to do it again the next year and then all of a sudden everyone is like, ‘What’s Kofi gonna do now?’ Fast-forward a few years later and here we are. It’s cool and I couldn’t say exactly which one was my favorite, I just put them all out there and let the people rank and pick their best. It’s just cool to be in that spot." Kingston continued, "The Royal Rumble is really about being the guy who survives 30-plus people and goes on to WrestleMania, then people are also looking at me. So it’s really great to be in that position.”