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Kofi Kingston explains why he thinks The New Day should stay together

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Kofi Kingston explains why he thinks The New Day should stay together

Kofi Kingston has given his opinion on a topic that has been floated around for the last few months regarding the future of The New Day. The former WWE Tag Team Champion spoke about if The New Day should break up while doing a recent interview with The Argus Leader.

WWE fans weren’t always behind The New Day as a popular group. However, after some time had passed, the fans did get behind them and have been extremely successful with their merchandise to the point where they produced their own cereal.

In the mind of Kingston, most tag teams will break up eventually. However, with them, he thinks they’re different than other teams that have come before them.

“I think stereotypically, when you have groups or tag teams, it’s a matter of time before they’re broken up. But with us, it’s a lot different because I think that we have something that nobody else has or nobody has had for a long time. We’re a three-man group who essentially cover all the bases.

“All of us are entertaining, all of us can wrestle very well and all of us can speak very well. To me, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for them to break us up. We’re at the highest now than we’ve ever been. We’re doing a lot better now as a group than we were as singles. A lot of times when teams break up, it’s to do better as singles competitors than they’re doing as a group. It’s kind of hard to justify that with the things we’re doing right now with our merchandise sales and all the products we’re coming out with, the fanbase that we have, people clambering for pancakes and Booty-O’s and ice cream. We have a unique way of connecting with the crowd, so it doesn’t really make sense to split us up at all, even if we wanted to.”


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