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Kofi Kingston injury update, WWE Hall Of Famer starting new podcast



Fans recently received some concerning news about one of the most recent SmackDown Tag Team Champions. It was reported from fans in attendance at the Honolulu Hawaii show Kofi Kingston appeared to injure himself and needed to be helped to the back by medical personnel.

The Wrestling Observer website is reporting it appears he will be alright. Kofi was cleared to return to the ring and will work the rest of the weekend.

The perils of Tammy Sytch's life up to this point are worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. She's had one heck of a roller coaster ride and isn't shy about telling her stories. She has plenty of tales from her time in the pro wrestling business and loves to tell them.

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If she didn't say enough in her autobiography she's going to get the chance to reveal even more Sunny goodness in an upcoming podcast.

The WWE Hall Of Famer recently announced she will be starting her own podcast on Sunday and provided fans with an email so they can ask her questions. I just have to wonder what kind of questions she's going to get because if you know anything about Sunny it's she doesn't hold anything back.

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