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Kofi Kingston reacts to fan criticism about repetitive The New Day vs. Usos matches



WWE has been booking a lot of matches between The New Day and The Usos as of late. They just worked at the Day 1 event and the following Friday night on SmackDown, they had a street fight.

Since November, they've wrestled each other six times on television This is something Kingston talked about during an appearance on Rick Ucchino’s Pro Wrestling podcast.

“Yeah, it’s funny that you say that man because we laugh about that all the time. I’ve never heard so many people complain about a guaranteed great match. Like, you go out there and complain, ‘Oh I gotta watch another great match!' Every match that we’ve had with the Usos, we pride ourselves on making it better than the last.”

Although he doesn’t want to compare himself to The Dudley Boyz, Hardy Boyz, and Edge & Christian with their classic matches, he does like to take their mentality of outdoing themselves every single time he gets to work with The Usos.

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“It’s so easy working with the Usos man. Like, we have the same mentality. No matter where we are on the card, we seek to steal the show, as you saw on Day 1.”

Kofi stated that when WWE puts them first on the card, they’re gonna try to set the bar even higher and called it a blessing to have opponents that you jive with.

He added, “Knock on wood, maybe the next one will be a stinker. I don’t know. I said that maybe the next one will be a stinker. Then people will have some grounds to complain.”

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below (Kingston’s comments about this topoc is the first question):

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