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Kofi Kingston says The New Day are the greatest 3-man tag team of all-time



WWE Raw star Kofi Kingston appeared on "Into The Danger Zone with Chris Denker" to talk about his wrestling career, having his 3rd child, being a role model, the recent solo success of Xavier Woods and Big E, and more.

Kingston was asked if he thinks The New Day are the greatest 3-man tag team of all time:

“I do. I almost hesitated, and I feel like a lot of times you should be humble with it, but for me, I’m old now. I got to the point that I don’t really care what anybody thinks about me. I never really have, but when I think about the things we’ve done, just off the top of my head, going toe to toe with The Rock, the greatest speaker in the history of our industry, the greatest motivator, the greatest trash talker, the most popular man in the world. Granted it was 3 on 1 (he laughs). To be able to go toe to toe with The Rock on that level is a real test of, ‘Oh, we’re pretty good at this.’

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To be able to host WrestleMania, there’s only a handful of actual active talent that have been able to do that. There’s just so many things we’ve done. To be able to have a food product be sold with WWE after a 20-something year drought, and for it to be called Booty O's. You’re selling this and people are eating it, buying it, and making signs. We’ve just been able to do a lot of things that are groundbreaking. I haven’t even gotten into our accolades. The longest reigning tag-team champions, 11 times. I look at all that stuff, and not that you compare yourself to anybody else, but being a group that never had the desire to turn on one another.

A lot of teams get thrown together. Myself and Punk. Myself and R-Truth. Myself and Evan. We were just teams that got thrown together. It really wasn’t our plan to come together and be a team. For The New Day, we chose to be together. They chose me to be in the group and then we formed this bond. We wanted to be together, where a lot of people are not put in a situation where they are given the option of being together. That allowed us to start with a different foundation than everybody else. We wanted to be together, therefore, why would I want to turn on my brother? His success is my success. Woods is the King, I’m the King. E is the WWE Champion, I’m the WWE Champion. We have that actual mentality of all for one and one for all. From all of those perspectives, I can’t think of another group that embodies most of those things, let alone all of those things, like we do. On top of it, voted us the greatest tag-team/faction of all time anyway, so it’s official. If it’s up to me, I’m going to go ahead and say that. I’ll double down on that and I can have that argument with anybody.”

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