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Konnan explains how Dean Malenko quit his job at WWE

Sean Waltman welcomed Konnan as his guest on the “Pro Wrestling 4 Life” podcast.

Konnan talked about Can Velasquez’s pro wrestling future, MLW, the NWO, CM Punk in AEW, what his role is in AEW, and more.

Here are some highlights:

Konnan recently talked to Malenko backstage at AEW, and Malenko told Konnan how he left WWE:

“I was at a table. Arn Anderson was there. Dean Malenko was there. Mark Henry was there. They were just burying WWE. At the end, Malenko told me that Johnny Ace said to him, ‘Hey man, I heard that you want to quit. Why don’t you think about it?’ Malenko said, ‘Yea, I’ve been thinking about it for 19 years. I quit.”

Konnan was asked if he is starting another LAX in MLW:

“Yeah, it’s called 5150. It’s me, this kid called Danny Limelight who is a Puerto Rican living in California. He’s very good and has a lot of swag. There’s another guy from Queens, but right now is in California. His name is Slice Boogie. He has mega charisma that can go. They are two guys who have a lot of swag. I don’t know if you remember this guy, an old school guy, Homicide’s right hand man. You remember Julius Smokes? Julius Smokes is in it too.  He brings that funny, over the top character. I had to calm him down because he was getting pretty rowdy with the fans.”

Click below to listen to the entire interview.

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