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Konnan on big plans for FTR-Santana/Ortiz AEW feud, the formation of The Filthy Animals, WWE NXT’s Santos Escobar

Konnan joined AFS Zoom Queen, Lauren Yaffe, and the Top Guys/Gals on for a live Q&A this past week. Here are some highlights:

Konnan talks about working with Santana and Ortiz in AEW:

“There are a couple guys in this business I consider my Lucha sons like them (Santana and Ortiz), Pentagon, and Phoenix.  Let me just put it to you this way.  There’s still more to be seen in the FTR-Santana/Oriz-Tully/Konnan thing.  Just stay tuned.”

Konnan talking about the formation of The Filthy Animals:

“That was probably the funnest one, because the Filthy Animals actually came about when Vince Russo and Ed Ferraro came into WCW.  Imagine this.  This is how messed up WCW was.  They were doing absolutely nothing, and when I say nothing, I mean nothing, with Torie Wilson, with Billy Kidman, with Rey Mysterio, with Eddie Guerrero, and myself.  That’s the original Filthy Animals.  I went to them and I said look, ‘If you’re going to bury us, if you’re not going to do nothing with us, then bury us together.  Do nothing with us together.  Let us have fun together.’  That’s how The Filthy Animals came about.  That was a fun faction because we actually all hung out after the show.  We all hung out in the dressing room.  Later on, Disco came in.  We were actually friends, and that’s why the chemistry was so great.”

Konnan talking about Santos Escobar:

“Let me tell you a great story about Santos Escobar.  When I debuted in Mexico, my very first match in Mexico City was with his dad, Fantasma.  I’ve known Santos Escobar since he was 8 years old.  His dad used to take him to the gym.  He used to tell him, ‘If you want to be big and strong like Konnan, you have to eat all your food.’  This is somebody that I knew from when he was a little kid.  He was in CMLL.  He had been there his whole career.  He was stuck in the mid-card. They weren’t doing anything with him.  I called him and said, ‘Why don’t you come to AAA?  I know I can do something with you.  I know I can make you a big star.’  He came over to AAA.  We made him our top heel.  Now he’s in WWE, and I’m so proud of him.”

There were a lot more topics covered on the podcast. You can listen to the entire Q&A at

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