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Konnan reveals that WWE apologized to Rey Mysterio for the crowd at the Royal Rumble

Konnan was on today's Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez and talked about various subjects. The show started off with talk about WWE's handling of Daniel Bryan and the chances of the fans eventually getting tired of seeing Bryan get screwed week after week. Konnan said that the last pay-per-view he saw was Summerslam when Bryan won the title and lost it to Randy Orton. Konnan noted that the first time Bryan really got screwed was a couple years ago when he lost the quick match to Sheamus.

Konnan said that he asked Rey Mysterio his thoughts on being booed by the crowd at the Royal Rumble. Rey told him that if he would have known he would have just given his number to Daniel Bryan. Konnan also said that WWE claimed that they did not realize that the crowd would react that way until halfway through the match.

Konnan said that he would have alot more information on AAA and El Rey Network in a couple of weeks.

It's a great interview and there's much more not covered here. You can listen to the interview if you are a subscriber to the Wrestling Observer website. You can get more information on becoming a subscriber by clicking here.

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