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Konnan says it was Scott Hall’s idea to unmask Rey Mysterio in WCW

On a recent “Keepin it 100″ podcast, Konnan said he was against the idea of taking the mask of Rey Mysterio in WCW:

“This was originally Scott Hall’s idea,” Konnan said. “I told Eric (Bischoff), ‘Don’t’. Scott said, ‘He’s a good looking motherfu**er. He doesn’t need a fu**ing mask. I was like, ‘What you don’t understand is first of all, there’s a big tradition. You can’t just take the mask off. You have to build it up. You want to do it with (Kevin) Nash? Who the f*ck thinks Rey is going to beat Nash. If you’re going to do it, do it with Juventud (Guerrera).”

Konnan continued, “They both started at the same time. Both are around the same age. They have similar backstories and you’re going to have a great match. I said, ‘Another thing is you don’t want to take Rey’s mask off because his hair is thinning, and he’s going to start looking older. The mask will keep him eternally young. Not only that, you have a fu**ing merchandising bonanza on your hands. Why would you take his fu**ing mask off?’ But it was going to be done.”

Mysterio would eventually put the mask back on when he debuted in WWE in 2002.

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